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Inspired Healthcare Capital Announces Inaugural Fund’s Expected Full Cycle, Investor Pay-Out

03/06/2024 - Originally Published on DI Wire

Inspired Healthcare Capital LLC, a private equity firm specializing in senior housing investments, has announced the date its inaugural fund will go full cycle and investor principal and returns are scheduled to be paid out: March 15, 2024.

Launched in 2018 with the mission of establishing a senior housing real estate portfolio, Inspired Healthcare Capital Fund successfully acquired 10 assisted living properties, including a notable portfolio located in the northwest and two other individual properties: The Lodge in Montana and the Holiday of Glendale in Arizona. The fund was a partial stakeholder in the Holiday of Glendale, which full-cycled in December 2021.

Inspired Healthcare Capital noted various headwinds over the past half-decade, such as COVID-19, high inflation, and an aggressive federal rate hike cycle. It reflected on the fund portfolio’s resilience throughout the investment cycle and its optimism to execute purchase options as opportunities arose.

“I am excited and proud to announce the full cycle event of our first fund at IHC,” said Luke Lee, chief executive officer. “I want to express my sincere gratitude and thank our investors and advisers who have been with us since day one. It is because of your trust and confidence that we have been able to rapidly achieve so many significant milestones.”

Inspired Healthcare says the full-cycle event translates to a 15.23% internal rate of return for all 240 investors in the fund.

The Inspired Healthcare Capital announcement follows its recent personnel news and its breaking ground on an assisted living and memory care development in Roseburg, Ore., both in November 2023.

“This marks a huge milestone for IHC,” said Patrick Lam, president of capital markets. “Over the past several years, both the [United States] and global economy have undergone significant changes. Inspired Healthcare Capital’s ability to meet and exceed expectations is a testament to the resiliency of senior housing and strength of us as a sponsor.”

Inspired Healthcare Capital LLC is an alternative investment sponsor dedicated exclusively to senior housing. They became vertically integrated in 2022 and manage assets exceeding $1.5 billion. Their diverse lineup of investment offerings include Delaware statutory trusts, income funds, and development funds.



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