It is with great honor and excitement that I am writing this letter to introduce you to Inspired Healthcare Capital Fund.

Our Mission Statement is simple: to provide long-term value to our investors through senior housing real estate investment opportunities by partnering with quality operators who have a proven track record and core values that demonstrate a passion for providing exceptional healthcare services.

The need for senior housing is at an all-time high, and the aging baby boomer population is going to cause the senior housing industry to continue to grow at an extraordinary pace . Speaking of the baby boomer, that population subset does not hit an average age of 80 until 2026 (the typical age of a senior seeking senior housing is 81). Meanwhile, many of us are already facing healthcare decisions for family members that are in need of some level of senior care.

Our strategy is to be focused on senior housing supply and demand while being cognizant of macroeconomic real estate cycles. Regardless of our position within a real estate cycle, the demand for senior housing is constantly increasing. Our investment approach has the flexibility to be very cautious when we are approaching an economic downturn. During this time, we are very conservative in our underwriting and only partner with proven operators in markets with strong forward looking fundamentals and with leases that have considerable rent coverage. During a recession period, our investment plan creates wealth by aggressively growing the portfolio through buying opportunities in markets with oversupply of senior housing and development opportunities in markets where demand outweighs supply.

To execute this strategy, we have assembled a leadership team with over 85+ years in combined experience in senior housing and healthcare consulting, development, operations and real estate, and who have all held executive positions in their respective industries. This experience combined with our unique investment approach will allow us to achieve success for our investors and support operators in accomplishing their goals. The way we approach healthcare providers is what differentiates us and makes the fund extraordinary. Operators see us not as a real estate fund, but rather as a partner and a consultant to help them grow their operations. Our Principals’ resumes include being premier consultants for senior housing feasibility and market studies, having deep first-hand knowledge of day-to-day operations, and being nationally recognized as experts in healthcare trends, government policies and identifying potential operational risks. Inspired Healthcare Capital will structure real estate agreements that recognize each operator’s specific goals and challenges so that leases are tenant supportive and not a burden.

Our motivation for developing Inspired Healthcare Capital Fund is to be a conduit through which we can most effectively serve those in need of senior housing. Through real estate investments our goal is to be an invaluable and constructive partner allowing operators to focus on their residents and/or patients.

My personal promise to you is that Inspired Healthcare Capital will always have passion for supporting first-class senior housing operators and be a channel for our investors to participate in providing best in class care.

Luke Lee